the final countdown!

Made it to Florida without incident. NickĀ and I didn’t sleep on Thursday night, since we had to leave for the airport by 3AM. It was… painful. We had a bit of panic at BWI because their long-term parking shuttle only picks up every 30 minutes during off-hours. And we’d just missed one when we parked. So we paid $1 to exit long-term parking (goddammit) and drove to the (50% more expensive) daily parking instead. And barely missed a bus there. But at least that bus came every 15 minutes. There may have been teary-eyed hyperventilating when it looked like we might miss our flight because of a parking lot.

We took two exceptionally full flights to get here. Baltimore to Houston was overbooked like whoa because everyone was trying to escape the snowpocalypse or snowmageddon or snosamabinladen or whatever you want to call it. Houston to Tampa was overbooked because of the Super Bowl, and the plane was filled with rowdy Saints fans yelling WHO DAT constantly. You can imagine my delight. I got upgraded on both flights, and Nick got upgraded on the second one. His first first class flight ever! Being with me has finally paid off. One of the flights had new DirecTV service and I watched some excellent programming: NASA TV coverage of the upcoming shuttle flight, several episodes of “My Super Sweet Sixteen” (WTF is wrong with those families?!), and Monster Jam. I love me some monster trucks#!@!!! Live TV at 6AM is pretty much all infomercials and news. Who wants to pay $6 for that? I watched because it was freeeeeeeee.

We avoided the snowstorm (ZOMG THREE FEET OF SNOW!??) and made it into Tampa for a crazy thunderstorm and tornado warnings. Sweet. But it’s cleared up nicely today and the shuttle launch looks like it’ll happen about 12 hours from now. We’ll drive across the state in a couple of hours and it hasn’t quite sunk in that I’M GOING TO SEE THE SHUTTLE LAUNCH AND IT’S GOING TO BE RIGHT ACROSS THE WATER AND A NIGHT LAUNCH WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN AND SQUEEEEEEEE@#!@#$!@#$!121#!@#$!#@!!



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