sad face

Caps got trampled tonight by arch-rival Penguins. They were outplayed, outworked, outskated, outshot, out… just about outeverythinged. Some sketchiness in the penalty calls (or lack thereof), and twice Capitals players were literally ridden like ponies. There must be a rule against that. But whatever. It’s been a long ride, and now there’s five warm Maryland months without hockey. I spent a preposterous amount of money to get seats to tonight’s final game, and surprised my brother with them. Club level, very fancy, and we still were glad to be there even as the Caps completely sucked beyond anything I’ve ever seen. Oh, and I got kicked in the arm by a guy who fell down the stairs, which may have been the least painful moment of the entire evening, even though I already have a lump and a bruise forming. The psychological pain of the game will last longer.

I am drowning my sorrows (and hunger) with a wee-hours carb frenzy.


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