oh good lord

Late last night, we got into a long conversation about fanfiction, especially ridiculous slash fiction pairings. Inspired by this post, we went looking for the most awesome fic we could find. We found the famous Monkees-rape-snuff fic, and I had already experienced the hilarity of Mythbusters slash. Here are three pieces that made me throw up in my mouth a little.

Forbidden (Full House, Jesse/Joey) – While I was let down that I couldn’t find anything starring The Gibbler, this was still pretty bizarre. And a little disappointing – it’s basically PG-13 at most.

Goodbye My Hell (historical WWII) – Auschwitz. No, really. It’s about Auschwitz. I’m not sure how I feel about this, except… yuck. And wahhhhh.

Untitled Food Network Pr0n (Alton/Mario) – Sweet mercy! I didn’t think we would find Food Network slash when we went looking, but we did. No Rachel/Nigella? Must remedy, posthaste. “Now that’s what I call good eats!”



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