My precioussssssss.

One thing I love about the internet is the ability to connect with artisans directly – it’s very exciting to commission custom work and get things made just for me. I like to support small businesses and independent craftspeople. And I also feel like I get a better deal on the items, buying directly from the source instead of through a retailer.

The link above is to a set of custom-ordered jewelry from a great artist on Etsy. I’ve been ogling his work for months, and ordered a month ago. Issues with his studio led to a wait… but now I’m getting my special pieces. I made specific requests about each piece, and the pictures are exactly the items I’m buying. I also picked up a glass pendant from the same maker.

Last week, I won a charity raffle for a gift certificate to Paul’s Plugs. So I’m commissioning more custom-made jewelry! I feel very decadent. Oh, and I’m expecting the necklaces that I ordered from a New York artisan for my birthday in August. Pretties! My pretties!

Someday, I’ll buy some handmade furniture. I am in love with all of this.


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